Main Services

Differentiated services of BICS

  1. BIO Cluster MapProvide innovative topics related to the bio industry at a glance

    • Assess information on small and medium venture companies and institutions related to biotechnology on the map.
    • Gathered information may be shared, used, and managed among users.
    • Assess key players on the map and provide accurate statistical and analytical data and current issues related to them.
    bio cluster map

    Research,Technology,Training,Evaluation,Certification,Core technology,Partnering,Employment,Professional workforce,Bio

    bio		   cluster map
  2. Community ServiceSupport online and offline networks to stimulate the bio industry

    • Build online communities and provide various services for offline events.
    • Community for professionals in the bio industry, venture companies, and small organizations are all eligible to form communities.
    • Offer a variety of services needed to build a bio network, such as building a community’s website.
    online Community

    Investment→Company ecosystem→R&D ecosystem-Tech&skill marketplece ecosystem

    online Community
  3. Bio-technology BankConnect and provide technology information for investment and R&D

    Promising technologies + Relevant patents


    Bio-technology Bank
    • Starting with promising technology and relevant patents of Korea Drug Research Association, discover, register, and search various technologies.
  4. etwork for SpecialistsSupport connections between various specialists in the bio industry

    전문가를 통한 데이터 큐레이팅

    bics(Bio industrialization specialist groups - Curated data from specialists - Curated information for BT industrialization)→Specialists who provide consultation and Curated information for industrialization→Entrepreneurs in preparation, Small and medium companies and Venture companies,Growth companies

    etwork for Specialists
    • Seek consultation and make inquiries to specialists based on curated information on experts in bio industry.

Cooperative services of BICS

  • Industry Information

    Provide tables and images
    in BioINdustry report
    in connection with BioIN.

  • R&D Information

    Provide information on project notices from
    National Science & Technology
    Information Service (NTIS) by categorizing and
    filtering for bio-related topics.

  • Research Equipment

    Provide information on Zone for
    Equipment Utilization Service(ZEUS)
    research equipment
    by sorting for bio equipment.

  • Additional Services Currently
    Under Development

    Services for start-ups and
    corporate growth are
    in development.